Welcome to my steamship pages in Turku, Finland

The theme of these pages is passenger steamships which have trafficked from Turku or via Turku.

As Turku is situated in the southwest corner of Finland, it has always been a natural centre for a lively ship traffic. Especially before the railway became more popular about 100 years ago, there was frequent boat traffic from Turku to the whole coast of Finland. Turku is also known as Finland’s gate to the west. There has been regular traffic from Turku to Stockholm for almost 200 years.

Turku lies in the middle of the Turku archipelago including 40.000 islands, many of them inhabited. The archipelago stretches from Hanko to Uusikaupunki including Åland. Hence Turku has always been the centre for the traffic in the area.

These pages are written in Finnish, but by choosing “Laivahaku / Index” on the left side of the front page, you will find an alphabetical list of ships.

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I wish you interesting exploration on these pages.

Lasse Sjöström